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Investment Management

Our Pledge To You

Trust, Respect, Integrity

You can trust Southern Financial Group, LLC to always be there when you need us, answering your questions and working with you in pursuit of your goals. Since service is our main focus, you can count on us to:

  • Treat you with respect, honesty, and integrity
  • Work as your financial coach, always putting your interests first
  • Educate you to ensure that you are comfortable with each of our recommendations
  • Strive to exceed your expectations at every level of the relationship

A Process For Managing Your Wealth

A Disciplined Approach To Guide Your Way

As a client of Southern Financial Group, LLC, you will be guided through a disciplined discovery and planning process, which includes:

  • Your Personal Financial Inventory: We will evaluate your entire financial situation, taking a complete inventory of you current assets and liabilities, determining your tolerance for risk and investment time horizon, and identifying your current and long-term goals, including retirement.
  • A Personal Roadmap: We develop your financial plan by integrating all of your assets and then incorporate risk management and tax strategies into an overall long-term investment strategy.
  • A Diversified Portfolio: The portfolio that we build for you will be designed using both in-house and external research. It will be diversified across a variety of market sectors and a broad spectrum of investment products depending on your personal goals.

Your Partner In Financial Success

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Every successful investment strategy depends on three things: goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk. You need an investment advisor who will take the time to understand what each of these criteria means to you, and then work with you to design an investment strategy as unique as you are.

Our clients depend on Southern Financial Group, LLC to provide cutting-edge financial planning and investment management solutions to help them achieve their individual goals through a variety of markets. As an independent advisory firm, we combine small company amenities, such as personalized service and truly customized investment portfolios, with the experience and resources you would expect from a national firm.

Our staff of professionals that include Certified Financial Planners™, Certified Public Accountants, and Personal Financial Specialists, will dedicate our extensive financial services experience to helping make your dreams a reality.

The Freedom Of Choice

Independence Is Its Own Reward

As an independent wealth management firm with extensive resources, comprehensive services, and investment strategies, we can keep you moving forward through every stage of your wealth management game plan.

Implementing Your Investment Strategy

How We Put Your Game Plan Into Action

Once we have a clear picture of where you are going, we draw the roadmap to help you get there by:

  • Building your portfolio: We create a model portfolio comprised of a broad array of asset classes. When combined, these asset classes are forecasted to meet your savings goals within your risk parameters. You thus have a long-term investment policy that can be implemented with specific investments.
  • Monitoring your investments: Daily we monitor the progress of your portfolio’s performance toward reaching your investment goals, periodically rebalancing and making new recommendations.

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